How To Order


E-mail me with what you are interested in from the options listed on the Prices page, along with a photo or photos of the animal/s. The better quality the photo the more detail and likeness i can achieve in the final piece. Natural lighting is best when choosing a photo as it adds more depth to the photo than a photo where a flash was used. Also the larger the photo the easier it is for me to see certain details that make your pet the individual it is.

quality pic


If you would like a specific background don’t forget to mention it when e-mailing me. If you would like a solid color, a textured background or a landscape background. I can also include text such as names ect in the piece.

Each painting takes on average one to three weeks to complete depending on the size and number of animals.
You can request works in progress anytime to see if you would like any changes made.

I require 25% of the agreed price upon starting the portrait (this is for my own security incase of a sudden cancellation midway through ect).
The rest of the payment is due once the portrait is finished.
The required down payment can be made via paypal or western union.
The final payment can be made via paypal or credit card.

Printing is provided by

I do live in Canada so payment must be made in Canadian Dollar.
For any more information please feel free to e-mail me.

Email me here :